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Go Ji Berry

Enhances immunity, eyesight, liver function and lung function.

Go Ji Berry

    • Supports the immune system
    • Boosts eyesight
    • Enhances liver function
    • Aids in circulation
    • In TCM, Goji berry is used specifically to support the liver, kidneys, eyes, and lungs.
    • In a study done on healthy adults, markers of blood serum antioxidant capacity were shown to increase following supplementation of Goji berry juice, demonstrating the bioavailability of constituents and their ability to support tissues and organs.
    • In another study done on healthy volunteers, supplementation with Goji berry juice was found to increase overall feelings of wellbeing and to support immunological markers lymphocytes and interleukins.
    • Regarding eye health, supplementation with Goji berries was shown to increase plasma levels of zeaxanthin, a macular supporting antioxidant
    • While the mechanism of action has yet to be elucidated, a study done on healthy, elderly adults, showed that supplementation of a goji berry powdered beverage blend increased plasma antioxidant levels and supported macular health.
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