Kang Yuan 350mg 50cap/box wholesale

Kang Yuan 350mg 50cap/box wholesale

Excellent product that effectively protects the liver and  promotes anti-aging

Awarded "Excellent product award" at the Fourth World conference on acupuncture W.F.A.S. and 1996 World superior Traditional Medical Products Fair (USA)

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    50 Soft Gels/Box


    Not only does this multi-herbal product protect your liver, slow down the aging process, and promote cardiac function, it improves overall physical constitution and increases resistance to diseases without the side effects that come with modern-medicine. Kang Yuan is especially effective in protecting against harm to the liver and kidneys, which can be greatly affected by taking western medicine and intake of pesticide remnants on vegetables or food containing chemicals. After a short period of taking Kang Yuan, you will feel a difference in your energy level. Kang Yuan includes an elegant array of ingredients which help improve vitality including cordyceps sinensis, beta-carotene, vitamins C and E, and essential 18 amino acids.

    Product Code: CH-3645